Secrets to Choosing the Best Hair Shears

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If you want success when selecting the best hair shears, you must be let in on a little secret. The secret is: research! When a professional stylist needs a replacement shear they won’t buy the first pair they see, it takes some careful research and comparison to find the perfect tool for cutting with. Want to know how a professional chooses the best hair shears? Here is a short guide:

Determine your styling needs
When you need hair shears, what kind of hair shears are you looking for? It’s not enough to want a model that’s the prettiest looking, or the cheapest, it’s about the pair that you actually need for your line of cutting. There are a lot of things to think about such as whether you’re left handed or right handed, whether you need shears for slide cutting or dry cutting. Do you cut hair occasionally or is it a daily job? Your personal preferences also come into play, though they should be thought of last. For example, a sharp blade specifically made for wet cutting should be a priority deciding factor over whether the pivot screw should be in your favorite color.

Research brands
Each hair shear brand has something distinct to offer. By researching various brands you can compare models and find out which one holds your attention the most. Each brand has its own manufacturing process so it would be a good idea to look into that as well. There are two main processes in the making of shears: casting and forging. Cast shears are more economic but they’re also brittle and lose their sharpness fairly quickly. Forged shears are more expensive but the process if long and arduous, creating durable, resilient and ultra sharp hair shears for professional use. Just make sure the brand of your choice isn’t trying to sell you cast shears under the guise of forged ones.

Read hair shears reviews
Reading customer reviews is a great way to make a decision, since you’re basing it on other people’s experiences while cutting with the shears. Not only that, but the type of review weighs heavily on your purchase decision, for example, a model with lots of positive reviews becomes instantly more feasible and attractive, while a model with negative reviews becomes something to avoid.

So, now that you know that research is the key to finding the best hair shears, it’s time for you to get cracking!

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