How to Clean Your Hair Shears

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Hair shears are by no means cheap, not if you own a professional pair. Even if the hair shears you have are discount models, you’ll still want them in perfect condition whenever you need them. This is why maintenance is so important, you don’t want to be wielding a blunt, grimy and rusty scissor, right? Keep them in good shape by giving them a good clean every once in a while.

You will have noticed that with regular use, hair shears can get quite dirty, and this can prevent them from performing correctly. If you’re a professional hair stylist, you will have to cut hair on a daily frequency, so hair, hair products and the natural oils from hair can accumulate on the blades and around the pivot screw, causing corrosion and damage. If you are careful and clean the blades regularly, you will extend the product life of your shears considerably. Lubricating your shears is another important thing to do in order to have them functioning like new. When it comes to lubricants, try to avoid oils and stick to a silicone lubricant, since hair won’t stick to it as much as it does with oil. If you obtained a lubricant with the purchase of your hair shears, use that since it’s what the manufacturer suggests for your tool.

Want to know how you can clean your shears and keep them working perfectly? Here are a few things you will need in order to do so: a toothpick or toothbrush, a clean dry cloth or paper towel and your lubricant. Next, follow these very easy steps to have a squeaky clean and smooth functioning pair of shears:

  • First, clean between the blades and around the pivotal screw of your hair cutting scissors with a toothbrush or toothpick. Scrape away the hair or hair product residue that has accumulated in these areas.
  • Next, rinse the hair cutting scissors under warm or cold water to wash the residue away. Wipe the scissors dry with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. Do this gently.
  • Lubricate the blades, paying close attention to the pivot screw. Use a small drop of oil at least once a week to prevent rusting and keep cutting smooth.
  • Dry the hair cutting scissors with a clean cloth and keep them in a safe place to avoid damage.

Dry the hair cutting scissors with a clean cloth and keep them in a safe place to avoid damage.

Remember that when handling your hair shears to be cautious of the blades, they can be razor sharp and you may cut yourself if you’re not careful.

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