How Often To Sharpen Your Hair Shears?

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Our world constantly places more emphasis on beauty and appearance; there are a growing number of businesses out there selling products and tools that help us to look our best. A lot of attention is paid to our hair and how it looks, think about the various advertisements that are publicized on national television, many of them are about this. Whether you have your own hair salon or like to style yourself at home, one of the most commonly asked questions is, how often to sharpen your hair shears?

Anyone in the industry knows that this is one of the most important items needed, not only because people enjoy having different styles, uncut hair can lead to dead ends which in turn creates a scraggly effect. There is no definitive answer to the above question; it really depends on what kind of hair you have been cutting. Also, how many wet or dry cuts carried out needs to be taken into consideration.

Normally a good pair of shears can last for around a few hundred cuts before becoming blunt, make sure that the blades are regularly checked in order to maintain brilliant, consistent styling and stop any injuries from occurring. The blades need to be separated so that they can be sharpened and each one needs to be done separately. Sometimes the two blades may become loose, overlapping each other incorrectly, therefore creating a messy look. This is why they need to be constantly monitored before and after use.

In order for scissors to work properly without catching, pulling, bending and so on other maintenance needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Once they have been used they always need to be cleaned by dabbing a bit of alcohol onto a cloth and wiping clean. A clean dry cloth can be used afterwards to remove any moisture.

The next step only needs to be carried out once a week. After the shears have been cleaned they need to be lubricated, this is so that they open and close with ease, without sticking. The last thing that you want is to be cutting a clients hair and all of a sudden they become stuck.

Remember to store them somewhere safe, where they will not fall and hurt someone or end up getting damaged. There are specialized cases or stands available just for this.

There is a wide variety available on market of varying price range and quality. It is always worthwhile to remove the shears from their packaging to gain an insight into how they feel before purchasing, hold them and pretend to cut with them. This way you will be able to find a pair which fits comfortably into your hand and feel more certain when cutting hair.

Instructions on how to sharpen your shears and general care guidelines are provided alongside the product. If you are still uncertain, after reading the accompanying instructions, of how to do this there are experts available that will sharpen for you.

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