Best Hair Scissors for Cutting Hair

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Need an idea on what kind of tools to buy to start off your collection as a hair stylist? Or do you simply need to replace your old hair scissors? Whatever the reason, it’s a great idea to grab the opportunity to buy the best tools available so that you won’t have to look for replacements later one.

Many beginners and even some stylists who have been in the industry for a while, believe that buying a pair of hair scissors at a bargain is the right way to go. Of course, if you occasionally cut hair or you need it for home use rather than salon use, it’s perfectly fine to buy drugstore hair scissors or discount models. However, if you want to be a true professional, you have to buy some hair scissors that will help you accomplish this. No customer is going to want their hair to be cut with cheap, rusty and blunt hair scissors, that’s a sure way to drive them out of the salon. Don’t allow your career to be cut short because of this and buy the best hair scissors you can find from the first moment.

This doesn’t mean you must buy the most expensive pair available either. You need to first research your options and make a list of your personal needs to find out which hair scissors are the best for you. Not all hair scissors are the same and they come with varying features such as blade type, size, handle type, metal type, price etc. Once you know for sure what you need the scissors for, for example: slide cutting, wet or dry cutting, thick hair, fine hair, thinning, chunking, etc, only then will you be able to find a perfect pair of hair scissors.

Hair scissors are made in different ways and the main manufacturing processes you will come across are casting and forging. Cast scissors are made when the metal is poured in liquid form into a blade shaped mold and then left to cool. The scissors produced are decent but they can be brittle and lose their sharpness quickly. Forged scissors are much higher quality and more durable, the metal is heated and shaped into blades and handles, then the separate parts are welded together and immediately cooled. The best hair scissors are forged, and they might be pricier but the advantages make the price worth it.

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